Tertiary institutions affected by Covid wave

PTC Principal Webster Kamutapuro

With the third wave already wreaking havoc across the country, tertiary institutions are feeling the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic from the classroom to the boardroom and had to adapt to the requirements stipulated by the Department of Higher Education and Training to stay.

The deviation from the normal day to day operation, of many tertiary institutions have been disturbed, one such institution affected but not deterred by the pandemic, is Pretoria Technical  College which had to comply in order to offer its learners quality education whilst ensuring their safety. 

PTC Principal Webster Kamutapuro said “We had to adjust to everything ensuring that we comply with every regulation and protocol such as screening, sanitising and deep cleaning as set by the department of higher in order to protect everyone. The financial obligation to mitigate the problem, though, haven’t changed as we are expected to honour them.”

“Last year we had to endure a lengthy period of uncertainty as our operations were limited. The third wave is alarming and we hope it doesn’t spiral out of control,” said Kamutapuro

20 year-old policing student Pebetse Moloto from Nellmapius said “the course I am currently studying for requires practical based and attendance days have been cut short which is not conducive for me at all, we must just hope that everything goes back to normal.”

Letlhogonolo Mosete


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